Property Resumptions

With over 20 years of experience as a property valuer, Principal Marcus Johnson understands property transactions from the ground up, bringing a wealth of knowledge in property resumptions and compulsory acquisition law.

We act as trusted advisors for a wide range of property acquisition matters representing individuals, small to family-owned businesses and corporations. We work hard to ensure that fair and proper compensation is paid when a government agency resumes your property.

Where advice of other experts, such as town planners and traffic engineers, is required, Marcus Johnson Legal is able to rely on their extensive network of professionals to help build the evidential and legal bases to substantiate your claim.

Most importantly, we commit to delivering personalised legal advice to our clients that make the most economic sense, and solutions that will streamline the negotiation process to achieve settlement of your claim.

We can assist in all cases where the whole or part of your property or business has been resumed or compulsorily acquired.

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